floor standing solar air conditioner

Name:floor standing solar air conditioner


Floor Standing Solar Air-Conditioner (20000BTU-48000BTU)

Product Overview



Product Features

1.Energy-saving EER >3.72,without pollution&eco-friendly,

Save 30%-50% electricity power than regular 5 Grade air-conditioner.

2.Run by hybrid electricity&solar power,provide more choice & save more electricity bill.

3.Easy installation&maintenance as regular air-conditioner.

4.energy saving from begining bybrid solar air conditioner start working.

5.excellent woking performance from -7°C to 53°C outdoor temperature.

6.vaccum solar collector share compressor's load,extend using life span.

7.adopt high performance vaccum tube solar collector&high efficiency heat-exchange 


Product Working Principle

Hybrid Solar air conditioner is based on traditional cooling&hearting theory to drive 

air-conditioner working.


In heat-exchange process,solar heat absorbtion system will assist  with 

compressor system to reduce power cost.

By this technology,it does help compressor a lot and improve energy-saving level.

Product Energy-Saving Show

EER(energy efficiency Ratio)=Cooling Capacity/ Power Input
The higher EER standard,the more electricity it saves.

save energy=save electricity bill=save Money !!!

Hybrid solar AC  VS  48V DC solar AC

1.48V DC solar air-conditioner is combined by solar panel,battery,controller,

DC 48V air-conditioner 4 parts.For same Btu model 8 hours' solution,its high cost nearly 3-4 times than hybrid solar air-conditioner.So it needs  long time for investment refund.

2.48V DC solar air conditioner have a complex installation process as it has 4 components

3.48V DC solar air-conditioner is belong to off-grid solar system.Regular battery will face replacement after 3 years.Its total amount cost will increse with years.But hybrid solar air conditioner can use long years without any extra expense.


Product Application

Hybrid solar air-conditioner can be widely used for individual home,factory,shop,meeting hall etc.

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